Sugar&Partners celebrate moral victory with Aucklanders over Ports of Auckland

The Port's response to Aucklanders wanting new wharf construction stopped? Two fingers.Since March of this year K-Rd independent agency Sugar&Partners has been part of a wider group of Aucklanders successfully protesting against the 100m expansions of the Ports of Auckland into the Waitamata Harbour.

In June the High Court ruled the Ports of Auckland’s consents invalid. Halting work that had already begun. Partner groups Stop Stealing our Harbor and Urban Auckland a society of architects and planning professionals have led the ongoing protests.

“We’re a bunch of passionate Aucklanders at the agency and supporting this cause through its initial win and in an ongoing way is hugely rewarding. Anyone who’s been up to Ostro or Seafarers recently can only imagine what our waterfront could be, opposed to an even bigger carpark!” Says Sugar&Partners creative & digital director Dave Nash.

“Having Sugar & Partners supporting our campaign has helped enormously, adding creative advertising flair to our campaign to preserve our beautiful harbour for future generations.” Adds Stop Sealing our Harbour’s Michael Goldwater.

Sugar&Partners created protest material and an activation website where you can sign up to the cause and take part in a virtual occupation of Bledisloe Wharf. Once you’ve signed up and taken your place on the wharf, you can see who else is with you by hovering over other people on the wharf.

The website was pulled together with a bunch of ideas over a weekend before the initial protest march, with Sugar and dev shop partner Boys From the Factory. Thousands of passionate kiwis have shown their support already.


Screenshot of website


Ad-land can get in behind this ongoing cause by joining the virtual occupation and donating to the Give A Little page where $31,400.00 has already been raised. The legal bill for the initial court battle is in the hundreds of thousands and all money raised will go towards this and ongoing planned activity.


Sugar&Partners / The Boys From the Factory.
Creatives: Dave Nash, Damon O’Leary, Artem Verbo and Vikki Cheng
Developer: Artem Verbo
Design: Gary Butcher
Digital Account Manager: Zoe Virtue
Producers: Liz Harvey & Kati Ohens